Frequently Asked Questions for the Comedy Bus City Tour in Providence, RI

Don't expect the usual boring history tours of the past! Expect R-Rated comedy as you would find at any comedy club. Some jokes may not be for everyone, but our main goal is to have fun, so who knows what could happen? You may learn something, you'll definitely laugh at something (or someone), and you'll certainly be glad you joined us!

Not at all! First, we have a deep roster of comedic talent. Secondly, the Comedy Bus has been designed to be among the most interactive shows in the country. Since every audience will be different, every single Comedy Bus Tour will be a unique experience. Never the same show twice!

By all means. Since starting in October 2021, the Comedy Bus has consistently grown in popularity. Public tours up to four months in advance can be booked on our website. If you have a date for a Private Tour and don't see the date online, please don't hesitate to call us. They don't even have to be tours of Providence, as our new friends in Smithfield learned this past June. We want to customize your Private Tour however we can.

At the pickup point: 800 Allens Ave, Providence, RI 02905. There is a parking lot and street parking in the area.

Brass Monkey

800 Allens Ave
Providence, RI 02905

Conveniently located off the Thurbers Avenue Exit on I-95

The Comedy Bus is designed to run in all types of weather (except for snow and ice, of course). Rain or shine, our bus will keep you comfortable while you sit back and enjoy the ride. In the event of snowstorms or highly unfavorable driving conditions, guests will be given the option to re-book for another tour or receive a full refund.

We consider ourselves a BYOB tour. The last B usually is for Beer but could be other drinks as well.

Among the other acceptable drinks would be hard seltzers, champagne and wine. Hard liquor is NOT allowed on the bus.

Our comedians are funnier (and better looking) if you're drinking. That said, anyone who disrupts the other guests onboard will be asked to leave the bus immediately with no refunds given. Please drink responsibly and be mindful of everyone's safety. Behavior resulting in damage to our vehicle will result in charges which are outlined in our liability waiver.

  • Identification
  • Booking confirmation
  • Drinks (coolers need to fit on your lap or under your seat)
  • Sense of humor
  • A canoe
  • Two (2) tubs of "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter"
  • Bail money

It's a size issue. Regular-sized coolers you'd bring to a tailgate or a cookout would block the aisles and become a safety concern. The mini-sized ones can be safely put under the seat in front of you, allowing for the perfect combination of safety and fun on what was once a children's school bus.

No. You won't need to!

On our Brunch Tour, we stop for delicious brunch food at two different fabulous restaurants.

On our City Tour, we always stop halfway through and (don't tell anyone), but we always arrange for surprise snacks.

As proud ambassadors of the city, we want to show off as much of Providence as we can.

Each tour begins and ends at Brass Monkey. So far, we have brought tours to Revival Brewery, Moonshine Alley, Black Sheep, Sports & Leisure, The Patio, Brewology (Smithfield), with more stops added every month!

Yes! The Comedy Bus comes equipped with a single stall bathroom.

No, but very much appreciated! There will be a tip bucket available at the end of the tour. Traditionally, satisfied customers have been tipping upwards of $20-$30,000 a piece. Again, very much appreciated. (Of course, we're kidding. It's closer to $68,000.)
It's 21+ for the public tours. If you have a Private Tour in mind, some accommodations can be made.

Here's something you need to know about the bus. All of the original windows have been removed and replaced with clear vinyl windows the likes of which you'd see on a boat.

While we are driving through the city streets on a beautiful spring or summer day, those windows will be open and you'll feel like a million bucks.

Now, should the weather worsen - with rain or cooler temperatures - we'll close them and you'll still feel like at least $750,000.

The seating is done first-come, first-served. If you're part of a larger party and would like to sit together, we recommend arriving at the pickup location 30 minutes prior to the tour, as that's when we begin boarding.
Sadly, no. The bus does not come equipped with the appropriate lifts and ramps to be wheelchair accessible.

We allow you to re-book or receive a full refund up to 48 hours prior to your scheduled tour date. Since our entertainers and vendors are paid in advance, we are unable to issue a refund outside of the above-mentioned time frame.